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Epson TM interfaces, including USB & Ethernet interfaces

Multiple Interfaces TM Series printers feature a wide range of interfaces, including USB & Ethernet interfaces.Besides satisfying current customer needs, these enable easy upgrading in the future, an important consideration for growing businesses.

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Part# Description Price
C32C823891 C32C823891 UB-P02II-891:PARALELL I/F BOARD     2,000.00  
C32C823361 C32C823361 UB-S01-361:SERIAL I/F BOARD     2,000.00  
C32C824151 C32C824151 UB-E02-151:10/100 BASE T ETHERNET I/F BOARD ,10/100 baseT     5,000.00  
C32C824121 C32C824121 UB-U02III-121:USB I/F BOARD ,W/DMD Port     3,600.00  

Epson TM interfaces, including USB & Ethernet interfaces Details

Epson offers the ultimate flexibility and connectivity options with our exclusive Connect-It™ family of interfaces. With these interfaces you can dramatically increase the speed and performance of your current legacy POS systems and today's leading PC component-based systems with Epson's advanced printer functions.

802.11b Wireless Interface
Epson's Connect-It 802.11b wireless interface enables convenient, remote printing at distances up to 300 feet via wireless LAN communication.

Ethernet Interface
Epson's Ethernet interface provides a cost-effective solution for establishing communications between host systems and Epson POS printers.

IBM P7 Emulation Interface with "clean receipt" option
Superior printing performance and reliability while maintaining your current IBM® hardware investment.

Serial RS-232 Interface
Epson provides a variety of alternatives to meet serial connectivity needs with 6 unique RS-232 serial modules. 

USB Interface
When increased port capacity and speed count, depend on Epson's USB Connect-It module for an outstanding yet simple solution.

Powered USB Module
Epson's Powered USB Connect-It module lets you supply your Epson printers with the increased power they require, cutting costs and clutter with a single cable.

Serial Electronic Journal Module
This module allows you to store electronic journal information and then download it at the end of the day to a server.

Parallel Interface
This module uses a standard censorings 36 pin connector to connect to the parallel port on the host system. This interface is IEEE-1284 compliant.

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