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เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ด ไร้สาย SR61B Wireless Bluetooth™ scanner range 50-100 feet Wireless Handhe

SR61B Wireless Handheld Scanner »
Intermec's wireless SR61B incorporates industry-standard Bluetooth® radio technology into a cordless handheld scanner perfect for stand-alone wireless data collection interfacing to Bluetooth-enabled hosts in rugged, industrial environments. The SR61B offers three choices of Intermec scan optics, including linear and area imaging, and the MEMS-based laser.

Scan rate up to 500/sec
User selectable audio and vibrate alert settings
Bluetooth radio communication
Choice of scan optics - Linear imager, area imager, laser
Easily swappable Li-ion battery
Easy configuration and personalization
Lightweight – only 425 grams (15 oz)

35,000.00 บาท

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Part# Description Price
225-745-002 SR61 Cordless Kits SR61B EX (near & far field 2D Imager, EX25) Kit, SR61BE0400 (EX25) (SR61BE Near/Far Area Imager with battery, desktop/wallmount charger and power supply. Order power cord separately.)     45,000.00  
225-724-003 Kit, SR61 Vista w/Btry,Chgr,PS,BTADP KPB (SR61BV Linear Imager with battery, desktop/wallmount charger, pwr spply, USB Bluetooth adapter and Keyport Lite software keyboard wedge for Win 98/2000 (ref. software accessories below for full description) - Order power cord separately.)     40,000.00  
225-701-003 Kit, SR61BV0400 (EV10) (SR61BVLinear Imager with battery, desktop/wallmount charger, power supply and USB Bluetooth adapter. Order power cord separately.)     35,000.00  

เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ด ไร้สาย SR61B Wireless Bluetooth™ scanner range 50-100 feet Wireless Handhe Details

Key Selling Points

  • Optional MEMS-based scanning ensures much faster scanning, improved accuracy and durability, and miniaturization
  • Optional area-imager captures signatures and decodes 2D symbologies
  • Swappable, long lasting lithium ion battery, multiple charge options including vehicle mount charger
  • Economically priced – significant cost savings compared to other industrial-grade data collection products
  • Also available in a tethered configuration (SR61T)

Product Positioning

The SR61B Wireless Handheld Scanner is a rugged bar code scanner that offers three choices of Intermec scan optics, including linear and area imaging, and the MEMS-based laser with Intellibeam™ technology. The SR61 interfaces to Intermec handheld and vehicle mount computers including the 700 Series, CK30, CK31, CK61, and CV60, as well as personal PCs. The SR61 connects via Bluetooth, and does not require the base station and communication cables that other non-Intermec scanners use. The SR61 is also available in a tethered configuration as the SR61T.

The SR61 is also available with Intermec's powerful near-far EX imager as the SR61ex. Customers seeking a hands-free rugged scanner may wish to consider the SF51. For a tethered light industrial scanner, see the SR30.

The SR61 is RoHS-compliant and replaces the discontinued Intermec Sabre scanners including the 1550, 1551, 1552, 1553, and the 9745. The tethered configuration of the SR61 (SR61T) is also the replacement for the SR60, which is nearing the end of its product life cycle.

Value Proposition

Intermec's wireless SR61B handheld bar code scanner incorporates the flexibility and rugged design of a handheld scanner with the seamless functionality of wireless communication. The SR61 features a personal area network (PAN) radio based on Bluetooth™ communication protocol, making scanning easier and safer with no costly cables to damage or become entangled. (However, the SR61 is also available in a tethered configuration.)

Three Intermec scan engine options are available with the SR61. The patented Vista™ linear imager easily scans even poorly printed or damaged barcodes. The exceptional speed, performance, and scan range of Intermec’s patented Vista technology is unparalleled. The area imager enables users to capture signatures and scan 2D symbologies with ease, speed, and accuracy. The use of 2D symbologies is growing dramatically with the use of PDF, Datamatrix, Maxicode and others.

The MEMS-based standard range laser engine with Intermec Intellibeam™ is faster, stronger, and easier to use than traditional laser scan engines. The MEMS laser engine is over five times faster than traditional laser engines with scan rates of 500+ scans per second quickly decoding barcodes. The integrated design of the MEMS engine uses silicone and also does not require a motorized engine. This means there is no motor to wear out and the scanner requires less power so the battery lasts longer.

Competitive Comparisons

Key differentiators for the SR61 include a rugged, durable design; no base station or cables required; snappy scan functionality; excellent read rates; Intermec SmartSystem™ ready to work indicator; Intermec patented scan engine options including Vista, Area imagers, and the MEMS standard-range laser; and the ability to seamlessly interface with Intermec terminals.

The Symbol/Motorola LS3478 series, like the SR61, uses industry-standard Bluetooth for communication; however the Symbol scanner requires the use of a base station and cables. The SR61 is truly a wireless solution with no base station required. The SR61 seamlessly interfaces to Intermec handheld and vehicle mount terminals as well as standard PCs via the integrated Bluetooth radio or Intermec Bluetooth adapter.

PSC's PowerScan RF offers decent overall appearance, weight and form factor; however, the SR61 scanner maximizes comfort with a more balanced form factor for and lighter weight. The PowerScan RF utilizes a proprietary 900 MHz radio while the SR61 uses a standard Bluetooth radio, enabling the scanner to be associated with other Bluetooth devices utilizing serial port profile.

Sales Specs

  • Product Release: Q4 2006
  • Primary Verticals: Industrial Goods, Consumer Goods, Transportation and Logistics, Retail, Public Sector
  • Primary Applications: Warehouse Management Applications, Manufacturing, In-Transit Visibility Applications, Store Operations


  • Interfaces with Intermec terminals and personal computers
  • Choice of linear imager, area imager, or standard range laser scan options
  • Easy configuration and personalization
  • Industrial durability stands up to harsh environments

Product Overview

The Intermec SR61B handheld scanner meets the needs of rugged applications in warehouse, distribution center and industrial manufacturing settings. The SR61B is engineered to withstand the abuse of industrial environments and to satisfy user demands that hand held scanners be as durable as forklifts. Its high impact housing is virtually impenetrable, and its solid state design provides protection exceeding industrial and military standards. The SR61B thrives in harsh environments where dust, moisture or extreme temperatures are constants and production uptime is critical.

The SR61B wireless handheld scanner incorporates the flexibility and rugged design of a handheld scanner with the seamless functionality of wireless communication. The SR61B features a personal area network (PAN) radio based on Bluetooth® communication protocol, making scanning easier and safer with no costly cables to damage or become entangled. Users gain hassle-free mobility up to 30 meters (100 feet) from the host.

Interfacing Flexibility

With the ability to interface with Intermec computer products including the CN50, CN3 series, CK3, CK30, CK31, CK32, CK60, CK61, CV30, CV60, 700 series standard PCs, the SR61B cordless scanner increases productivity while keeping costs down. Users can connect to one Intermec host device enabling multiple people to scan items for inventory management, picking, shipping and receiving, cross docking, work-in-process, tool crib, and pallet tracking, all with ease.

Scan Options

With multiple scan options, including linear, area and standard range laser, the SR61B allows users to configure the scanner to meet the specific needs of their environment, whether they include reading specific barcode symbologies, decoding poor quality or damaged barcodes with ease or utilize image capture for proof of delivery and point of service applications.

Configure and Personalize

The SR61B includes Intermec's EasySet™ software setup tool for easy configuration and personalization. The user can quickly set security options, select beeper tones and volumes, good read and error read responses, and many other customizations.

Reliability and Ruggedness

Scan intensive applications require reliable, accurate scanning and the SR61B delivers. The SR61B is designed to withstand rigorous application environments surviving multiple drops to concrete, cold and hot temperatures, and sealed to withstand dirt and water.

Battery Life

The SR61B cordless scanner delivers 10+ hours of use with a long lasting lithium ion battery that can be easily swapped ensuring minimal downtime.

Supporting Links

SR61B Handheld Scanner

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• SD61 Base Station
• SR61 Dangle Suspension (wrist or fixed)
• Belt Holster
• Desktop / Wall Mount Charger
• 2, 4 and 8 Bay harger
• Bluetooth USB Adapter
• Replacement Battery w/ Boot
• EasySet™ Configuration Utility
• Bluetooth RS232 adapter
• Keyport Lite Software Wedge (for use with PCs using
Win95, 98, 2000, XP SP1 and English QWERTY keyboards)
• Keyport Bluetooth Software Wedge (for use with PCs
using Win XP SP2 and international keyboard types)


Operating Temperature :
-20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Storage Temperature :
-40°C to +70°C (-90°F to +158°F)
Recharging Temperature :
0°C to +35°C (32°F to +95°F)
Humidity :
0 to 95% RH, Non-condensing
Vibration and Shock protection :
SAE Specification J1399 Class 3 (off road vehicle)
Environmental Protection : IP54
Drop Survival :
26 drops onto concrete or steel surface from a height of 1.98 meters (6.5 feet)
Ambient light :
Works in any lighting conditions from 0 to 100,000 lux

Physical Characteristics

Length :
17.78 cm (7 in)
Width :
6.99 cm (2.75 in)
Depth :
11.43 cm (4.5 in)
Weight :
(Cordless version with battery): 425 gm (15 oz)
(Cabled version without cable): 280 gm (10 oz)


Battery Type/Supply :
(Cordless) Lithium-ion
Battery Life :
(Cordless) 10+ hours per full charge
Recharging Time :
(Cordless) 2.5 hours for 90% charge
Cables :
Cabled versions are powered via host or universal 5 volt power supply

Scanning Performance

Scan Engine Options :
Standard range laser (EL20) - See product profile
Linear imager (EV10) - See product profile
Area imager (EA11) - See product profile

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