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Barcode Printer PX4i four-inch RFID printer delivers outstanding performance for round-the-clock, m

PX4i RFID Printer The PX4i four-inch RFID printer delivers outstanding performance for round-the-clock, mission-critical RFID applications. The rugged PX4i delivers advanced connectivity, stand-alone Smart Printing, and support for EPC Gen 2.

PX4i RFID PrinterSmart, strong and secure, the multifunctional PX4i RFID printer delivers outstanding, 24x7 performance for mission-critical RFID applications. Its multiple interfaces, advanced connectivity, and support for EPC Gen 2 ensure easy integration and scalability. By using frequency-agile RFID tags, the PX4i RFID can simultaneously encode and print labels for use worldwide.

140,000.00 บาท

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Part# Description Price
PX4B914300300020 Configuration Category (Available) Power Cord / Firmware FT /LAN Connectivity Ethernet /I/O Option 1 RFID US 915 MHz/I/O Option 2 Memory, RAM / FLASH 16/4M /Media Option Rotating Unwind /Option 1 none /Option 2 none Print Option TT203DPI     140,000.00  
PX4B815300300020 Configuration Category (Available) Power Cord / Firmware FT /LAN Connectivity Ethernet /I/O Option 1 RFID EU 869MHz/I/O Option 2 Memory, RAM / FLASH 16/4M /Media Option Rotating Unwind /Option 1 none /Option 2 none Print Option TT203DPI     140,000.00  

Barcode Printer PX4i four-inch RFID printer delivers outstanding performance for round-the-clock, m Details

Key Selling Points

  • Robust, top-of-the-line industrial RFID printing with low-cost, no-hassle implementation
  • Rugged, all-metal construction ensures 24/7 non-stop label printing in even the harshest environments
  • Dual, individually controlled motors provide powerful label feed necessary to print quality labels at high speeds

Product Positioning

The PX4i four-inch RFID printer delivers outstanding performance for round-the-clock, mission-critical RFID applications. The rugged PX4i delivers advanced connectivity, stand-alone Smart Printing, and support for EPC Gen 2.

PX printers integrate easily into manufacturing environments and adapt to changing applications. The rugged design makes this printer ideal for any sort of demanding environment such as industrial and manufacturing settings.

PX Series printers are excellent replacements for the prior Intermec 44x0 series printers. Customers who require a comparable six-inch printer should consider the PX6i. Customers who do not require such a robust printer may prefer the popular PM4i Mid-Range printer (which is also available with RFID capability).

Value Proposition

Intermec's PX Series printers are heavy duty RFID,bar-code label, ticket, and tag printers that are designed and built to excel in demanding environments. The sturdy PX4i 4-inch printer delivers outstanding performance and supports round-the-clock operations. Batch and on-demand printing can be arduous in industrial environments, and can require non-stop printing through multiple shifts. Any amount of downtime can be detrimental to successful business operations; PX Series printers are designed to maximize efficiency and continue printing at all times, eliminating downtime.

As stand-alone "smart" printers, the PX Series printers can operate production line machinery including scanners, scales, other printers and conveyors as well as access information directly from the network host, eliminating the need for PCs. Their versatile form factor allows them to be mounted in virtually any position, and facilitates add-ons such as an automatic label applicator.

Competitive Comparisons

PX series printers are top performers, designed to print 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in even the harshest environments. When compared to the competition, PX series printers provide:
  • Superior throughput – faster with a shorter time-to-first print
  • Superior ruggedness at an affordable price
  • Superior print quality at top speeds
  • Superior versatility
  • Superior Smart Printing features
  • Superior connectivity
Zebra 110XiIII Plus – The PX4i is lower priced and excels at its ability to print long series of demanding labels at 12 IPS – even with a 300 and 400 DPI printhead. Zebra's 110XiIII Plus has limited throughput with maximum print speeds of 10/8 IPS (203/300 DPI).

Zebra 105SL (200 DPI) – This Zebra model is as rugged as their XiIIIs, but slow when compared to the 110XiIII Plus and the PX4i. The PX4i features more connectivity options, faster networking, and advanced smart printing capabilities. The 140XiIII Plus (5-in, 203-DPI only) has comparable throughput but is significantly more expensive.

Sales Specs

  • Product Release: Q4 2004
  • Primary Verticals: Manufacturing, Warehouse, Heavy Industrial, Healthcare
  • Primary Applications: Compliance labeling, manufacturing WIP, asset management, prescription and specimen labeling


  • Strong, all-metal construction and superior throughput for 24x7 printing in harsh industrial environments
  • Ideal for high volume and compliance applications – the PX4i prints at 406 dpi without loss of speed
  • Modular design facilitates integration into automated labeling applications
  • Smart Printing capabilities support stand-alone printer applications, eliminating PC expense and complexity
  • All-in-one, user-selectable printer languages – Fingerprint/ Direct Protocol (DP), IPL, ZSim and DSim – in every printer
  • Secure wireless connectivity: CCX and WiFi® certified with WPA2
  • Integrated Ethernet, USB host and device, and serial interface standard
  • Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) support
  • Interchangeable print head provides choice of print resolution
  • Supports ISO18000 – 6B 6C/ EPC Gen 2

Product Overview

A member of the smartest bar code printer family on the market, the PX4i is flexible and programmable, enabling customers to optimize their printing operations, streamline deployment, and achieve quick return on investment. Built to meet the needs of round-the-clock, mission-critical applications, the rugged PX4i delivers advanced connectivity and network protocols, ensuring peace-of-mind today and a reliable, scalable solution for the long haul. The PX4i RFID Printer is part of Intermec's complete line of smart, strong and secure industrial printers.


The PX4i's smart design features support increased productivity in demanding environments. As a Smart Printer, it can host stand-alone applications, developed through Intermec Fingerprint programming language, which reduce errors and streamline operational processes. Smart Printers can eliminate the PC and control other devices directly (such as scanners, scales, applicators), improving efficiency and decreasing infrastructure costs and complexity.

The PX4i's device management and diagnostic capabilities, provided through Intermec SmartSystemsTM and Wavelink AvalancheTM, reduce downtime and simplify deployment. With user-selectable, all-in-one programming languages (Fingerprint, IPL, ZSim, DSim), the PX4i fits with drop-in simplicity into Intermec or mixed printer environments. Its modular design facilitates integration into automated labeling applications and industry- standard connectivity options support fast deployment.


The rugged, all-metal PX4i delivers outstanding performance – up to 12 inches per second from first label to last – and incorporates features that reduce downtime and minimize maintenance costs. The PX4i is available with 203 or 300-dpi resolution, as well as 406 dpi for precision labeling without any loss of speed. This is ideal for compliance labeling applications with variable data requiring immediate results.

An enhanced self-strip option delivers consistent performance across multiple media types. Replacing printheads is fast and easy, thanks to the magnetic QuickMountTM printhead design. The PX4i is co-engineered and tested with Intermec labels and other media products, optimizing performance when used with genuine Intermec media.


Multiple interface options are available, including the highest level of secure wireless connectivity (WPA2). Available with WiFi- and CCX-Certification, Intermec industrial printers help maintain wireless network integrity and reduce configuration time. Every printer ships with Ethernet connectivity, as well as with emerging network protocol IPv6, ensuring long-term, enterprise scalability.

The standard CompactFlashTM memory slot is complemented by new USB host and device support. Handy and PC-compatible, these memory technologies provide extra storage for Fingerprint programs, layouts, graphics*, fonts and firmware upgrades. The RFID-enabled PX4i also enables companies to create RFID smart labels and drive the latest RFID applications.

* Fingerprint only

Application Briefs

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PX4i RFID High Performance Printer

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Humidity :
10-90% RH non-condensing
Operating Temperature :
+5° to +40°C (+41° to +104°F)
Storage Temperature :
-20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +152°F)


Standard :
• Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
• RS-232, up to 115.2 kB/s
• Fingerprint/Direct Protocol: XON/XOFF, ENQ/ACK, DTR, RTS/CTS
• IPL: XON/XOFF, Intermec Std. Protocol
• USB 2.0

Optional :
• Parallel IEEE 1284
• Industrial Interface (8 digital in/out, 4 analog relays, 1 RS232/422/485 port)
• Dual Serial ports RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and 20mA Current Loop, Applicator Interface

Wireless :
• IEEE 802.11 b/g
• Wi-Fi Certified, Cisco® Compatible(CCX) version 3 Certified
• WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.11x (EAP- TTLS, LEAP, PEAP, FAST), 802.11i
• Multiple industrial antenna options for maximized coverage

Supported protocols :
TCP/IP-suite (TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, etc.), LPR/LPD, FTP, BOOTP, DHCP, HTTP, SNMPv3, SMTP.SNMP-MIB II supported (over UDP/IP), private enterprise MIB included. Supports IPv4 and IPv6


Standard :
16MB Flash memory, 32MB SDRAM, 1 Compact Flash slot
Options :
1GB CompactFlash memory, multi-GB USB memory device (FAT16/FAT32 USB drivers supported)

Physical Characteristics

Length :
482 mm (19.0 in)
Height :
238 mm (9.4 in)
Width :
275 mm ( 10.8 in)
Weight :
12.85 kg (28.4 lbs)


Input :
90-265 VAC, 45-65 Hz

Consumption: Standby 20W; Continuous average 125W; Peak 400W

Print Specifications

Max. Width :
112 mm (4.4 in) - DT
110 mm (4.3 in) - TT
Thickness :
2.4 to 10 mil
Style :
Roll-fed, continuous or fanfold labels, tags or tickets; also available with RFID
Label Roll max diameter :
213 mm (8.38 in)
Label Roll Core :
38-76 mm (1.5-3.0 in)
Media Type :
Thermally sensitive media
Resolution :
8 dots/mm (203 dpi)
11.8 dots/mm (300 dpi)
16 dots/mm (406 dpi)
Print Speed :
100 - 300 mm/s (4 - 12 ips) for 203/300dpi
100 – 250 mm/s (4 – 10 ips) for 406 dpi
Max Length :
4095 mm (161 in) at 203 dpi
2775 mm (109 in) at 300 dpi
1016 mm (40 in) at 406 dpi
Max Label Width :
120 mm (4.72 in)

Supported Bar Code Symbologies

1-dimensional :
All major 1D symbologies are supported.
2-dimensional :
All major 2D symbologies are supported.

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