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HONEYWELL Mobile Computer HandHeld Barcode

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility is a leading manufacturer of high-performance image- and laser-based data collection hardware, including rugged mobile computers and bar code scanners. Our product portfolio is one of the broadest in the AIDC industry, providing you with solutions for vertical markets such as retail; healthcare; and transportation and logistics. We complement our innovative products with advanced software, service and professional solutions that enable customers to effectively manage data and assets. Honeywell products are sold worldwide through a network of distributor and reseller partners.

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HONEYWELL Mobile Computer HandHeld Barcode
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Dolphin 60s, • Integrated 1D and 2D scanning for multi-symbology data capture • Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 OS delivers an enterprise ready operating system • Extended battery performance provides workers with full shift power • Embedded Honeywell software utilities help maximize device potential • Compatibility with Remote Mastermind provides enterprise-class application

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CS40 Mobile ComputerIntermec's CS40 is designed specifically for mobile field professionals who need productivity and reliability beyond a smart phone. The CS40 allows companies to improve their business processes, expand customer offerings, increase revenue and reduce the cost and complexity of a field mobility solution all at the point where it's needed most – on the front lines.

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CN3 Mobile Computer » The smallest, most advanced, rugged computer in the world, the CN3 with integrated GPS and Bluetooth increases efficiency and safety by enabling hands-free turn-by-turn voice navigation. With 3G WAN and Cisco Compatible WiFi and Bluetooth radios, users are connected with voice and high-speed data (GSM/EDGE or CDMA/EV-DO) anywhere they go.

Dolphin® 99EX Mobile Computer Honeywell’s Dolphin® 99EX mobile computer provides extreme durability, cutting-edge wireless technology, user-friendly ergonomics and multi-functional data capture for front-line workers operating in both indoor and outdoor environments. Purpose-built for transportation and logistics applications, the 99EX was designed to take mobile worker productivity to a new level while helping to reduce operating costs. The industrial Dolphin 99EX mobile computer has superior durability and fast and reliable wireless connectivity.

Dolphin® 99GX Mobile Computer Honeywell’s Dolphin® 99GX mobile computer with an integrated handle provides user-friendly ergonomics, cutting-edge wireless technology, multi-functional data capture and extreme durability for front-line workers operating in a variety of locations ranging from warehouse loading docks to retail shopping aisles for stock replenishment. The Dolphin 99GX computer provides the optimal combination of performance and usability to improve mobile worker efficiency and comes with a large screen that is viewable in all lighting conditions.

CN3e Mobile Computer An extension to the popular and proven CN3 mobile computer series, the mid-sized CN3e features large keys, integrated GPS and robust communications options, making it the ideal handheld for key-based, data-intensive DSD and ITV applications.

Dolphin® 9700 Enterprise Digital Assistant Honeywell’s Dolphin® 9700 mobile computer is a rugged enterprise digital assistant (EDA) equipped with multi-functional data collection and communications capabilities in one reliable, easy-to-use device. The Dolphin 9700 computer allows companies specializing in parcel delivery, route accounting, field services, and healthcare point-of-care applications to better serve their customers, by maximizing worker productivity through innovations that provide increased connectivity, optimized system performance, task-specific ergonomics, and an intuitive user interface. The 9700 computer also has an optional magnetic stripe and card reader accessory for convenient reading of magnetic stripes and chip encoded identification systems.

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CN4 Mobile Computer » With integrated 3.5G wireless technology, the fully rugged Intermec CN4 enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of high bandwidth data collection and communications to achieve gains in worker productivity, improvements in service offering, and overhead reductions.
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CN51 Mobile ComputerVersatility speaks for itself. The Intermec CN51 offers thousands of ways to get more done with a choice of Android or Windows, a large, resistive multi-touch display, Flexible Network™ Radio (in North America), superior scanning, processing, battery power and more

Dolphin® 7800 Enterprise Digital Assistant Honeywell’s Dolphin® 7800 rugged enterprise digital assistant (EDA) delivers multi-purpose computing, communication, and data collection at desktop-like speed, empowering workers to get the job done, regardless of location. This mobile computer is lightweight and compact in design. The Dolphin 7800's industry-leading features enable more efficient and streamlined work capabilities.

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CN50 Mobile Computer » The Intermec CN50 is the CN50B base configuration includes WM 6.1, 512MB ROM, GPS, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g, Digital Compass, 5 Megapixel Color Camera, QWERTY or Numeric keypad options, WWAN GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS or CDMA/1xRTT/EVDO Rev A, HTML5.

75,000.00 บาท
CN70 Ultra-Rugged Mobile ComputerThe Intermec CN70 is ideal for field-mobility applications that demand a compact form factor with no compromise on ruggedness. Next-generation architecture, combined with market-leading wireless communications and data capture capabilities, delivers optimal worker productivity.

Dolphin® 7800 for Android Honeywell’s Dolphin™ 7800 mobile computer for Android™ leverages the modern and user-friendly Google® Android™ operating system packed with Honeywell extras. The Dolphin 7800 rugged EDA offers remote device management capabilities and invaluable security features, creating an enterprise-ready solution with an extended lifecycle and support provided by Honeywell. The Dolphin 7800 mobile computer is rugged and durable allowing for longer usage and comes with a 3.5" VGA display.

CN70e Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer The Intermec CN70e incorporates industry-leading ergonomics with a large, numeric keypad that makes it optimal for direct-store-delivery applications. Its ultra-rugged design, multi-core processor, low power consumption, extended battery life, and motion-tolerant scanner ensure maximum worker efficiency.

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CK3 Series Mobile Computer » The CK3, with Windows Mobile 6.1 and all imager-based scanning, packs a breadth of capabilities into a slim case, allowing users to easily and comfortably adapt to ever-changing data capture and communications needs, now and in the future.

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Key Selling Points Simple to deploy and manage with breakthroughs like CloneNGo device provisioning Exceptional value: price, capabilities and quality construction offer accessable automation and innovation High-performance multi-engine processing architecture and power-efficient design Aggressive 2D imager 802.11n radio for reliable wireless coverage Superior ergonomics put accuracy and productivity in the hands of workers

Dolphin® 6000 Scanphone Honeywell’s Dolphin® 6000 Scanphone converges the functionality of multiple devices into a single, durable, and affordable pocket-sized device. Today’s mobile workers require real-time communications and access to critical business data to make informed decisions at the point of customer service. Many of these information workers utilize multiple devices—such as smartphones, VoIP phones, two-way radios, laptop or tablet computers, GPS navigation systems, and Barcode scanners—throughout the day. This Dolphin scan phone provides the versatile data collection needed by today's workforce.

54,000.00 บาท
Key Selling Points High performance multi-engine processor Superior battery life for less workflow interruption and lower TCO Market-leading imager choices including 2D area imager or 2D near/far area imager Dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n radio for realiable network coverage Device health capabilities Proven form factor and seamless migration from the CK3B Optional RFID and Vocollect voice support Accessory migration for legacy CK3B customers Slim, light-weight design retains Intermec ruggedness and provides hours of comfortable use

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Dolphin® 6500 Mobile Computer Honeywell’s Dolphin® 6500 is a lightweight and versatile mobile computer that provides advanced data collection and real-time wireless communication for in-premise applications in retail, grocery and light-industrial supply chain environments. Multiple keypad options—the 28-key numeric and the 52-key alphanumeric—are available to customize user preference and support various applications. Built to resist damage from dust, dirt and accidental drops, the 6500 mobile computer is ideal for mobile operators working in tough environmental conditions.

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CK31 Mobile Computer » The CK31 blends the right features with the performance of the Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system to provide the optimum combination of real time operation, tools support and standard connectivity. Multiple keyboard options provide flexibility for applications that range from shipping and receiving, put-away and picking to cycle counting.

CK31ex Mobile Computer » The rugged CK31ex mobile computer integrates our breakthrough EX25 scan engine, enabling workers to scan any kind of barcode, from near or far, in any orientation, and to capture images too. Ideal for warehouse management applications.

CK32 Intrinsically Safe Mobile Computer » Certified to meet the highest ratings from UL, ATEX and IECEx, the powerful CK32 Intrinsically Safe Mobile Computer delivers real-time information when and where you need it. The CK32IS is designed from inception to provide double-fault, intrinsically safe computing in even the most hazardous environments, and can be deployed virtually anywhere in the world.

CK61 Mobile Computer » Intermec's CK61 mobile computer provides everything required by the most demanding environments; a rugged design, all-day battery capacity, next generation processor technologies, and non-volatile storage combine to provide years of reliable service. The Intermec CK61 does it all.

CK61ex Mobile Computer » The Windows Mobile® based CK61ex integrates breakthrough EX imaging technology and advanced computing capabilities, enabling users to scan any kind of barcode, in any orientation, from 6 inches to 50 feet away, and capture images too.