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Posbank - Leading Provider of POS System As a leading provider of POS systems, Posbank, for more than 20 years, has provided comprehensive and innovative range of solutions and services that made payment process quick and secure and reshaped business process in the retail and the hospitality industries. Our customers benefit from our reliable POS systems that meet their needs to gain access to better control of business and informed decision-making. Our goal is to help our customers to be more successful and efficient in their businesses through our smart POS terminals, peripherals, services and solutions on a global scale.

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DCR™ M4 Entirely New. Completely Redefined. · Groundbreaking All-in-One Design · The Most Affordable POS Terminal Ever · Supercompact Size · Breakthrough Performance · 8″ Bright & Wide Touch Screen · 3” High Speed Printer Integrated · Pre-Installed POS Software for Restaurants · Fresh and Modern Look
DCR x86 All-in-One POS Terminal J1900 Quad-Core 10 Display Touch 3″ Fast Printer Card Reader and Customer Display Integrated Budget-Friendly Solution · Red Dot Design Award Winner · Supercompact All-in-One POS Terminal · Powerful Performance with Intel® Celeron®   J1900 Quad-Core Processor · Windows OS Supported · 8” Wide or 10” Display with PCAP Touch · 3″ Fast Printer, Card Reader, and Customer   Display Integrated. · Budget-Friendly Solution
36,000.00 บาท
IMPREX PRIME High Performance Meets Stylish Look High-End, Stylish and Real All-in-One POS System Performance and Energy-Efficient Intel® Processors Intel® Core™ Haswell Processors i3, i5, i7 (Fanless) Intel® Celeron™ J1900 Quad-Core Processor (Fanless) 15" and 17" LED LCD Display, Projective Capacitive Touch High-Speed and Jam-Free 3" Thermal Receipt Printer Integrated Multiple I/O Ports and Integrated Peripheral Options Modular Design for Easy Maintenance
34,000.00 บาท
ANYSHOP PRIME Power and Style at Your Space™ High-End POS System with Alluring Style Robust Performance with the 4th Generation Intel® Processors Bezel-free True-Flat 15" and 17" LED LCD Display with PCAP Touch Tool-less Design for Rapid installation and Easy Maintenance Color Customization
25,000.00 บาท
BLUO Compact, Stylish and Easy-to-Install Compact Design Performance / Energy-Efficient Intel® processors Secondary HDD or SSD Drive System Expansion Easy Installation and Maintenance Onboard UPS technology to Prevent Data loss from Power Outages
15,500.00 บาท
BOXPOS High-Performance, Reliable and Compact High-Performance POS Terminal or Server Slim & Compact Design for Space Efficiency Detachable HDD Raid CapabilityUp to 4 HDD (SSD) Available System Expansion Multiple I/O Ports
26,500.00 บาท
ANYSHOP e2 Stylish, Reliable and Affordable Stylish Design Performance / Energy-Efficient Intel® Processors Secondary HDD or SSD Drive Multiple I/O Ports System Expandability Optional Color Case Easy Installation and Maintenance Onboard UPS technology to Prevent Data Loss from Power Outages
26,000.00 บาท
ANYSHOP PRO Powerful, Stylish and Affordable Stylish and Space-Saving Design Energy-Efficient Intel® Atom™ Processors DDR3-1066MHz 2GB Memory (Max. 4GB) LED Technology for Brightness and Clarity Shock-Resistant Storage(HDD/SSD) Housing Industrial-Grade Motherboard Fanless Design Ensuring Years of Operation
15,000.00 บาท
POSMO II Affordable, Versatile and Durable 15" LCD Display (1024 x 768, Resistive Touch) 17" LCD Display (1280 x 1024, Projective Capacitive Touch) Eco-friendly, Low Power LED Backlight Display Compact Space-Saving Design Optional Multi-reader (MSR, SCR, I-Button)
IMPREX Innovative and Stylish All-in-One POS System All-in-One System with Touch Display and Receipt Printer Integrated Performance / Energy-Efficient Intel® Processorss Industrial-Grade Components Aluminum Die-Casting Triangular Structure 15" LED LCD Display, 1024 x 768 Resolution Stylish & Chic Dual-Tone Color Design
เครื่องระบบ POS รุ่น ANYSHOP Powerful, Functional and Versatile Stand-Alone or Wall-Mountable Performance / Energy-Efficient Intel® Processors Easy to Install Standard Stereo Speakers Optional Peripherals Color Customization
เครื่องระบบ POS รุ่น miniO II Fully Integrated Compact All-in-One POS System 10.1" LCD Touch Screen 2" integrated Jam-Free Printer (Auto-cutter) HDD Data Storage Compatibility Newly Designed Flat Desktop Style Choice of Color Available on Request
6,000.00 บาท
เครื่องพิมพ์ใบเสร็จอย่างย่อ A7 Receipt Printer Compact and Affordable Jam-Free Paper Design Printing Speed Up to 200mm/sec Specially Designed Font for Superior Readability High Resolution to 203dpi USB + Serial Combo, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Easy Paper Loading Built-in Annunciator Windows & OPOS Drivers Epson Compatible Simple Maintenance
7,000.00 บาท
เครื่องพิมพ์ใบเสร็จอย่างย่อ POSBANK A10 Receipt Printer High-Speed and High-Performance Paper Jam-Recovery Printer High Speed Printing Up to 220mm/sec Specially Designed Font for Superior Readability High Resolution of 203dpi USB + Serial Combo, Parallel, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Easy Paper Loading Built-in Annunciator Extension Melody Available Windows & OPOS Drivers Epson Compatible Easy Maintenance